Working4Wildlife 14-week courses 2020

Practical wildlife conservation training in EU + recognition of skills

Looking for an opportunity to combine working for wildlife and travel to the EU?   Want to spend some focused time with wildlife and like minded people?  We will add skills training and recognition into that package for you. By being on an Ambios Ltd vocational training course, Erasmus can then fund your mobility.

Our Working4Wildlife practical course consists of:

  • UK training residential
  • 30-hour online wildlife identification course
  • European mobility (funded by Erasmus+)
  • Private facebook Q&A group including guest employers
  • E-badge, Europass and Employer recognition of your skills
  • Post-mobility networking/employer event

We have a network of European nature conservation training partners ready for you to choose the 14-week work-place experience that suits your needs.  Different countries offer different opportunities (see below).  The video on the right is an example of the 2-week Hungarian field trip.

These immersive experiences will support your personal development and help your path into a nature conservation or other career.

You have to be registered on a vocational course with Ambios to qualify for the Erasmus+ funding which supports all the costs of your mobility.  There is a separate fee for our vocational course.


Come and help make a difference

Begin your journey in the UK

Your journey will begin in the UK with a mandatory 1-week residential at Lower Sharpham Farm (23 to 27 March).  Here you will learn practical nature conservation survey and communication skills ready for your chosen mobility.

  • Small mammal trapping
  • Introduction to bird identification
  • Introduction to invertebrate identification
  • Effective camera trapping
  • Meet you mobility Hosts (via Skype)


Previous participants have said

The best part was:

“Sharing exciting and new experiences with people and working together to achieve amazing things! For example seeing new species of birds for the first time or all working hard together when large numbers of birds arrive.”

“Different use of camera traps for mammalian research, how to identify and survey badger setts, observed bat mist netting for the first time”

“I loved having a mixture of group projects as well as an individual one. This gave me the opportunity to really feel part of something through group work, as well as having a sense of independence while working on my own.”

Choose from these 14-week field trips

Course costs

The UK parts of the Working4Wildlife course are:

  • UK training residential
  • 30-hour online wildlife identification course
  • Private facebook group with employers
  • E-badge and Employer recognition of your skills
  • Post-mobility networking/employer event

The cost of the  UK parts of the Working4Wildlife course is £1,950 payable in two instalment: £950 by 20 March and £1,000 due by 30 May.

The costs of the 14-week mobility part of the course is entirely covered by a Erasmus+ Vocational Education and Training grant.


Ambios Ltd is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of all our operations. For logistic and funding reasons we have to use air travel on this occasion (not our wish) and we will begin to offset the impacts via our tree planting and other carbon sequestration schemes at Lower Sharpham Farm.

To find out more about the mobilities, please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.


When you’ve completed your mobility you’ll receive recognition from your hosts and a Europass as well as a mobility e-badge like the one opposite.  This e-badge will be linked to a record of your achievements and an endorsement from your Host.

You will receive this Mobility e-badge for:

  • working towards a vocational qualification while abroad
  • successfully communicating with other professionals/the public
  • using technology in species recording/public engagement
  • identifying a range of species of plants or animals
  • having the confidence to safely interact with wildlife for survey purposes

You can receive additional e-badges by completing our on-line courses.  You can take up to 1 year from your date of registration to finish.

After you get back - networking

Our Post-mobility networking/employer event (Saturday 3rd October) will bring you together with some employers during what we call a Knowledge Cafe – where in small groups you can hear directly from them what they are looking for in applications, interviews and new recruits. Prepare your questions – they’ll be ready and willing to answer!

This valuable networking opportunity, which is informal and happens over a meal, allows you to ask questions and gain specific insight into what employer’s are seeking. Great tips, useful contacts and inspiring opportunities.  Everyone involved loves it each time we run it.

Critical dates

To access the Erasmus+ funding you must have a UK residential address (evidence may be required).  As we experience high demand for this course you will need to apply using the application form signposted from each of the mobility pages.

Please be aware of the following dates:

ROUND 1 = Closing date 12noon Monday 2nd March.

ROUND 2 = Closing date 12noon Monday 16th March.

Limited places: ROUND 1 strongly advised.  Successful candidates will be invited to a Skype or WhatsApp interview within 5 days.

Mandatory UK Residential 23-27 March

Mobilities Saturday 13thJune to Tuesday 22nd September

Employer networking event Saturday 3rd October.

How to Apply

Please go to a country page and look for the application link at the bottom of the page

Mammals of the primeval forest, Poland
Arctic fox, the bigger picture, Norway
Birds, Plants, Insects & your project, Portugal
Natural history of a river delta, Spain