WildSkills EU course in Padova Italy (UoP students)

University of Padova students - join us 5-9 Sep 2022

If you are a University of Padova student & would like to join us – applications are open and if accepted onto the project you will just need to get yourself to each course venue each day at your own expense – please email us @ info@ambios.net explaining your current situation.

All you have to do is get yourself to the venues each day. Refreshments and a mid-day snack meal are are supported by Erasmus+.

WildSkills EU course in at Univ of Padova

This course will focus on helping you on your journey to be a science communicator / trainer / teacher.  You will be supported by our project team and fellow participants as you explore and develop your skills in presenting.

This is a 5-day course / learning experience at Padova from 5-9 September 2022

We will look for inspiration from 3 of the Wildskills EU courses:

Tree identification, forests and surveys
Nature Journal making
Birds in Education
and you will use these during our time in Padova to learn to be Effective Environmental Influencers as you develop and deliver your team’s live training/teaching session


This course comes with a certificate of attendance from our hosts at University of Padova and e-badge and Europass recognition for the skills you will gain.

We are delighted to be hosted by the University of Padova.

*Please be aware that if you are still at University you may need to negotiate with your Tutor/Course leader time away from lectures/tutorials in order to participate in this course.

The course

Day 1

  • We all arrive in Padova, settle in and get to know each other
  • You hear about the learning objectives of this training course

Day 2

  • Exploring how to create a positive learning environment (growth mindset)
  • How to plan a lesson for a specific audience
  • Sessions demonstrating learning content from:
    • Tree i.d.
    • Birds in Education
    • Nature journals

Day 3

  • How to deliver outdoor environmental sessions
  • Exploring communication and leadership skills
  • Time for your team to work on lesson plan ideas

Day 4

  • Time for your team to get ready to showcase your lesson plan and its teaching
  • You and your team showcase your lesson plan (15mins)
  • You and your team showcase one part of your teaching idea (15mins)
  • Zoom: Virtual meeting with international audience
  • We visit the local city for a cultural experience

Day 5

  • Discussion, feedback and evaluation
  • Time to say goodbye and travel home

WildSkills EU Virtual Meeting

Virtual meeting

If you are interested to know more about the project, you can still join us – virtually.

Our Virtual Meeting about the Wildskills EU project is open to everyone from anywhere in the world.  You can register to join the meeting via this Zoom link. We look forward to welcoming you to the project on Thursday 8 September at 12:30 CET (11:00 London).

When you come to this live meeting, you will receive information about how to access the Wildskills EU learning materials for FREE for a limited time only.

Previous participants have said...

Previous course participants have said:

‘I just wanted you to know that you’ve changed my life… changed how I see things. The positive approach has allowed me to realise I can do this stuff.  Thank you’

“I really enjoyed the course and feel it would enhance my CV and help with future job prospects. I believe it is another very important string on my bow.”

I have acquired practical knowledge during this program, and I am sure this experience will help me in my professional life…”

“During my participation in the project, I improved my team working skills because I had never really collaborated with people from other countries. Moreover, I learned to become more spontaneous and self-confident…”

As someone who is not usually very adventurous I felt that the experience really bolstered my confidence. It highlighted to me that I could both enjoy and positively contribute to projects like this…”