The WildSkills EU Project

Our Wildskills EU project (Oct 2019 – Mar 2023) was co-funded by Erasmus+ as part of their Higher Education Strategic Partnerships grant programme.
Our partnership involved Ambios Ltd, UK, WWF and Barn Owl Foundation from Hungary with Ambios Portugal and University of Evora, Portugal and University of Padova, Italy 

The courses and more

In addition to the 6 tutor supported distance learning courses the project also delivered  Joint Staff Training, 2 Intensive Study Programmes for students (one to Hungary, one to Italy), a virtual learning environment and progress toward recognition for learners. 

Joint Staff Training

In March 2022 a staff team with representatives from all our partners came to Lower Sharpham Farm share and learn about new digital learning and assessment methods in the context of the WildSkills EU distance learning courses.
The team explored how best to bring nature and ecology to learners who are distance learning.  What new software is available and what good practice looks like within a virtual learning environment and during live Zoom training sessions. They also developed their experiences around being in front of the video camera to make quality training videos.

Intensive Study Programme for students

2022 saw groups of 6 students from each of our partner country come together in Hungary (in April) and Italy (in September) to explore the good practice in environmental education and teaching and learning. 

Building a virtual learning environment

One of the outputs of the project was building a virtual learning environment (VLE) that allowed for the interactions with learners that the partners wanted to achieve.  Mixing in video and narrative learning content with live and recorded training sessions and discussion forums and chat areas where participants can share images of the work they have achieved during the course. 


Recognition for learners

Each of the WildSkills EU courses offer e-badge recognition from the course Host. The course logo carries with it detailed information on the participants learning outcomes and metadata on time, duration and learning interactions.  E-badges are easily shared on professional media and potential employers can quickly see the breadth and depiction of learning acheived.

Dissemination Events

An ongoing partnership

Our partnership of organisations grew from a core group who have together successfully completed many European projects. Strong and supportive friendships have been made.  Our history reaches back nearly 20 years.
We continues to welcome new partners that share our vision for accessible positive learning that puts the learner at the core of all our work.
Now we welcome you  to this partnership and encourage you to watch this space for future developments as new and exciting opportunities to learn together emerge – stay in touch!

Thanks to Erasmus+

We would like to thank Erasmus+ for funding this project under their Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education Mobility Projects. The project was a partnership of 6 organisations from across European and ran from Oct 2020 to Mar 2023.  Its legacy will now continue into an exciting future.

Wildskills EU partners

Here are the links to WildSkills EU project pages on our partner websites

This project was co-funded by Erasmus+

After March 2023, all the results of the project results will be openly available via this link to the Erasmus+ Results Platform

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