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Current Opportunities and Events

Every year Ambios deliver a range of nature conservation opportunities in both the UK and Europe. Some are suitable for students at the very beginning of a career in conservation. Some are suitable for seasoned wildlife professionals who want to improve their skills in a particular area. Some are even suitable for nature lovers who want to learn more about flora and fauna.

We also run events which are open to the general public, including our annual summer Farm and Wildlife Fayre and Barn Raising, Barn Storming Barn Dance in October.

Please view our  calendar below to find an opportunity that is right for you. You can also keep updated about new courses and events  by joining our mailing list.

2022 Calendar



Spring 2023 – 20th March – 9th June ¦ £3450 

Our conservation farm and rewilding project is a unique chance to gain hands-on conservation experience supported by our team of wildlife professionals. Biodiversity monitoring and applied land management are central elements of the programme, building your field skills and your confidence in understanding the ecology of the countryside and the work required to secure its future.

Through their time here many past trainees have reported a sense of renewal, inspiration, hope, confidence and direction in what is an uncertain future for all of us.


Final site visit of the year!

Join the Devon Rewilding Network for the final site visit of the year!

Broadridge farm is part of Rewilding Britain’s first farm cluster Dayshul Brake, a trailblazing example of three neighbouring landowners working together to rewild at scale in the heart of rural Devon. The landowners have a shared vision for creating a complex, nature-willed landscape that encourages an increasingly rich and evolving tapestry of biodiversity.

Landowners Dorette Engi and Eti Meacock will be leading the visit, which will involve a 2 hour guided walk around the site with plenty of discussion.

Find out more and sign up today via the DRN or Eventbrite



Distance Learning

Effective Bird Identification

3rd October – 25th November 2022 ¦ £199

This Effective Bird Identification course will enable you to explore how to become more effective with your bird identification, increasing your field and note taking skills and therefore enhancing your employability/continuing professional development.

Unique to this course – Ambios Ltd will send you a field notebook and a Collins Bird Guide before taking you through 8-weeks of part time online distance learning.

Weekly Conservation Volunteering

Volunteering on the Sharpham Estate

If you want to directly help in efforts to restore nature on the Sharpham Estate, there are TWO ways to volunteer for our rewilding project Sharpham Wild for People:

1) Weekly conservation and estate group, Tuesdays 10.30am – 3.30pm

2) Rewilding survey days, Fridays 10.30am – 3.30pm

If you are interested in volunteering at Sharpham, contact Lucy Bell on 01803 731802 or email volunteer@sharphamtrust.org.

Visit https://www.sharphamtrust.org/about-us/volunteer-for-rewilding for more information.