United Response & ROC College Placements

We work closely with United Response and ROC College to offer work and wellbeing placements for adults with learning difficulties.  We support around 70 people with mild learning differences on the farm for work experience each week in things like animal care, conservation, forestry and agricultural skills. Alongside this, we host one work placement at a time for students from ROC college. This placement helps build their confidence and workplace experience to help them to move into more formal volunteer roles or paid work.

Through these tasks, participants are able to take part in meaningful activities to contribute to the overall running of the farm for wildlife.  United Response and ROC College participants work alongside wildlife professionals who are glad to share their expertise.  Group tasks often also include Ambios trainees, apprentices and other volunteers, all of whom benefit from working together – breaking down barriers and fostering mutual respect and understanding.

Sharpham Trust

Ambios farms almost a quarter of the beautiful Sharpham Estate, rich in nature and history.  We never take our surroundings for granted – our work is inspired by the conservation and restoration of the natural world, we share our environment with a diverse cohort of trainees and volunteers and we offer space for others to visit and experience the land for themselves.

The Sharpham Trust are stewards of the whole 550 acre site and this charity aims to reconnect people with nature, foster mindfulness and improve wellbeing.  We’ve been delighted to partner with Sharpham on these goals for over 20 years as we physically work the land, host our trainees and work with the next generation of conservation professionals.

We recognise the restorative properties of the natural world and find many of the people who’ve passed through our farm community have found a sense of renewal, inspiration and improved mental health following their stay.

Sharpham Trust also helps to deepen people’s connection with nature, through mindfulness retreats which help people to improve their wellbeing through meditative practice and awareness in our stunning natural surroundings.

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