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A warm welcome to Zoe and Leona who have joined Ambios as a placement host for their Level 3 Traineeship In Regenerative Land-Based Systems with the Apricot Centre. The year-long placement will cover modules in regenerative agriculture, soil, and plant ecology, holistic livestock management, permaculture design, nature connection, agroforestry, and biodynamics. In addition to their taught learning with the Apricot Centre, they will assist with Ambios’ growing efforts in our organic vegetable garden and work alongside the Ambios team on the new Community Forest project.

Zoe Montgomery

I joined the Ambios team in January through the Apricot Centre’s Level 3 Traineeship. Having lived in Bristol for three years, I was looking for something new to develop my skills and live in the kind of environment I envision for my future. I was drawn to the learning-focused community at Ambios and fell in love with the landscape during my first visit.

Collaboration has been a significant part of the work at Ambios, from preparing garden beds and sowing seeds to other general farm tasks like looking after the animals. It is inspiring to work together towards a bigger vision of nature recovery.

Ambios has given me hope that change is possible and that it is already happening. It is so exciting to be part of this change through growing nutritious food, planting trees and learning about nature recovery – I am grateful to be on this journey as part of this community.


Leona Brennan

“There is hope here, power to regenerate the land” (Dizraeli)

Ambios – the people, the land, the energy – has a special way of providing a welcome balance.  Facilitating both a grounding and the ambition to work towards something better.

There are many challenges and injustices we face, and I am on an exciting journey of transformation to find how I can best help to make change happen.  We need this change at a systemic level, and I am grateful to be learning about regenerative land systems and how to help nature recover to contribute to this.

Planting trees and growing nutritious food that nourishes us, using practices that give back to the land, both feel very special.  I am energised to connect with this more and learn how I can share this important connection more widely.

I believe that there is hope here.  In the soil, the food, the trees, the people.  It is a gift for which I am very grateful and will reciprocate with my time, energy, and love!


Find out more about the Level 3 Traineeship In Regenerative Land-Based Systems: Food & Farming with the Apricot Centre here.


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