The Traineeship – the first 2 weeks

The traineeship takes place over 12 weeks and contains a broad programme of conservation training. Within the course is scope to shape your own education in the form of a project to shape your future. It seems the course will quickly become a lifestyle. Being an integral part of a small and diverse organic farm, cooking and eating high quality ethically sourced food and an education that takes place outside as much as next to the wood burning stove in the recently built yurt. 

The traineeship started a week early to enable quarantining because of COVID-19. This consisted of long walks, swimming in the river, huge meals cooked by two beautiful Frenchmen and getting to know the other trainees. A kind bunch with similar interests and a variety of ages and cultures, nationalities and backgrounds also. It’s an accessible course and everyone is full of positivity and hope for the future. 

Our 2nd week (the usual 1st week) contains a load of activities that eased us into the learning schedule. The ethos of learning at Sharpham is learning by doing where activities and witnessing nature are prioritised over conventional learning through lectures. The teachers treat us as equals and truly practice what they preach. Learning the history, background and future vision for Sharpham sets the scene for the course. While learning the intricacies of managing and funding rewilding a cultural landscape gives an insight that can’t be found in books.

It’s early days, but it’s looking good so far.  

Written by Autumn trainees Tom and Owain