Lower Sharpham Farm Market Stall

Freddie Raeyen is one of our nature conservation trainees, who has been with us from July 2017. One of his responsibilities at the farm includes running our market stall in Totnes Market Square every Friday. Here Freddie shares what the market stall is all about, along with his own personal anecdotes and highlights…

The Market Stall

The Lower Sharpham Farm Market Stall sells a variety of items from our farm, ranging from fresh produce such as eggs and vegetables from our organic garden, to wildlife guides and books. We aim to give the public a better understanding of what happens on the farm, and all the work that we do here. We also want to create stories behind our produce, from farm to market and everyone that has a hand in this process.

The Market Stall Team

Helping us on the market every week, we are joined by four service users and one member of staff from the United Response charity, which supports adults with learning difficulties. They help us all around the farm making produce for the market, as well as on the market stall itself and have provided us with many amazing memories and stories. They work at the market doing a variety of jobs from boxing and labelling eggs to being the forefront of our sales pitch.

The enjoyment shown by one service-user in particular makes all the late nights and early mornings worth it. His pure enthusiasm for the market along with his infectious laugh lights up the market stall. One time he sold a metal chicken made at the farm from disused horseshoes by his sheer persistence to make a sale. He even managed to get the customers to leave a deposit to reserve the chicken for themselves! Another one of the service-users finds great joy in handing out leaflets about the farm to passers by and talking to everyone she can, especially if they have a dog with them. Another loves going around to other market stalls to check out our potential competition and always informs us on the goings on from all around the market.

Getting to work with such incredible people has by far been the highlight of running the market stall, and I consider myself truly lucky to have this opportunity.

Freddie Raeyen, 2018