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We now live nestled in the woods, overlooking the River Dart, a view that assaults the eyes with colour and beauty. The welcome we have each received has been overwhelming, every single person taking the time to find out about us, making sure we’re comfortable and feel like this is our home too.

Each morning, we find ourselves not quite believing where we are. We feel privileged to be able to spend the next 3 months in such a beautiful wilderness, learning and absorbing all that Ambios and nature have to offer. Looking out over the fields through our binoculars, we collectively sigh with relief and happiness that we’ve made the right decision. Ambios not only seems to be the place where we will gain the knowledge and skills we need to make the next step in our careers but somewhere we will grow and change together.

On the second day the whole team, including us newbies, created posters on our journey to Ambios, it was amazing how easy it was to share parts of your life with people you had just met and was invaluable in getting to know everyone as individuals.

In just 5 days, we feel we have gained so much knowledge of general topics of conservation and rewilding and we’re beginning to get to grips with how the industry works. Throughout the week we have had talks and tours, introducing us to the story of Ambios, their rewilding journey and how life works at the farm. It feels like each day of our introductory week has been carefully planned with us in mind. We haven’t been bamboozled with information or felt anxious about our roles here. Each activity seems to have come at the right time in order for our confidence to grow. No question is too small and is approached without judgement.

We cannot wait for the next 3 months to unfold, it’s exciting to think just how much we will learn here and how it will affect our lives. It feels like we will not only learn the skills and knowledge we need to further our careers but we will each learn things about ourselves and change in unexpected ways.

✍ Andy, Bea, Uschi and Hannah – Ambios Nature Conservation Trainees (Summer 2023)


Would you like to join us at the farm? Further traineeship start date available in October. Visit to find out more and apply for your place today.

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