SHOUTOUT4SDGs Project – Budapest 6-10 July 2020

SHOUTOUT4SDGs - European Cooperation for Social Responsibility

SHOUTOUT4SDGs: Making the UN Sustainable Development Goals explicit within Higher Education and the world of work.

We are looking for UK based students studying any subject at any UK University to help us develop, co-create and test sustainable development learning content before, during and after a visit to Gödöllő, Budapest, Hungary from 6 to 10 July inclusive.  You’ll join a vibrant and dynamic team from  Italy, Portugal, Hungary and the UK to explore how we can explicitly link the UN SDGs to University (and our own) learning modules.

Participation in these mobilities is free.  We are seeking 6 students from each country. The costs of travel, accommodation and food are all covered by Erasmus+.  All you have to do is make your own way to the UK point of departure.  You’ll need to complete a short application form which can be accessed by leaving your email address below.

To join the project you must be an undergraduate, a postgraduate or have recently left university studies.  All skills and backgrounds are welcome – you might be an English student, a geographer, an economist or a sociologist or a history student (this list could go on…) – everyone has something to contribute and we’d welcome your views and input!

We would particularly welcome applications from students of economics, politics, policy studies or sociology. In the past we have welcomed students from physics, engineers, engineering as well as sustainable development.

The Project

We’re asking students studying in the UK to help us develop some on-line learning materials and social media content that tell real stories around making links between University learning modules/or learning activities /or projects and the UN SDGs.

This Erasmus+ SHOUTOUT4SDGs project aims to make the UN Sustainable Development Goals explicit within Higher Education and the world of work. The main project website is here and we’ll be adding new learning material to this as we go through 2020.

This visit to Budapest will comprise a series of workshops and discussions centred around the example of birds and bird populations and how their story ultimately links to an understanding of macro-economics.  In small international teams you’ll be actively contributing to thinking, exploring ideas and offering solutions that lead to the promotion of the UN SDGs in Higher Education and the world of work.  Flip chart paper and pens, lots of energised talking and cakes with coffee will help you to contribute to our project.  Expect to work hard in this creative space. Expect to return home tired but having made new friends, joined a new network and learnt a bunch of stuff.

If you are outside the UK and in Portugal, Hungary or Italy you can apply to participate in this mobility via one of our partners.  Please use ‘SHOUTOUT partner’ in the Subject line to and we’ll put you in touch with our partners in those countries. Our partners are:

Ambios Portugal and University of Evora, Portugal

Barn Owl Foundation, Hungary

University of Padova, Italy

Students from the Universities of Exeter, Strathclyde and Southampton have participated in previous mobilities for this project and we would welcome new links to other Universities.

Physical or Virtual mobility

As well as the physical mobility described below you can be considered for participation in the virtual mobility.  This is a 1-hour Skype or Zoom session at a specific point (to be decided) during the physical mobility.  You can indicate an interest in either or one of these types of mobilities in the application form.

During the virtual mobility you will hear about what has been happening on the physical mobility from the student team in Hungary and together you will plan a future short media campaign to disseminate information about a particular aspect of the project. In the past, virtual participants have gone on to produce blog posts, infographics or short stories for social media.

The programme for the mobility

The title of this mobility is ‘Birds as a proxy for SDGs’.  No prior experience of birds or SDGs in necessary.  You just need curiosity and a willingness to learn!

There will be some on-line learning you’ll need to complete before we go to Hungary about some of the subjects we’ll be covering including the background to the SDGs.  This should take you about an hour.

Once we’ve all arrived in-country and go to know each other a bit (there will be around 30 participants including students and staff) you’ll be listening to presentations and involved in interactive activities where you’ll work in small groups on specific tasks including:

Working through scenarios around the impact of development on sustainability

Observing birds in the wild (no experience necessary)

A ‘knowledge cafe’ where experienced practitioners share stories with you in an informal setting

Working up a social media dissemination campaign

Installing bird nest boxes – leaving your legacy


Highlights of this mobility

Join our project and:

  • Explore sustainability through real world practical examples
  • Experience working directly on how the UN SDGs influence thinking
  • Volunteer in an educational context – suggesting and creating learning materials for others
  • Boost your team-working and communication skills
  • Network with students, professionals, industry, educators and politicians within a wider European context
  • Participate in a cultural exchange with Hungary, Italy, Portugal, UK
  • Gain e-badge and Europass recognition, a project certificate and superb C.V. experience

Some feedback:

“I wanted to thank you once again for facilitating such a wonderful week in Coruche, Portugal where I got the opportunity to learn many new things and network with interesting people throughout. This experience has been invaluable to me and my career aspirations, and for that I am thankful. The project was very well put together and encouraged lots of critical thinking about sustainability, combined with the story of cork oak montado ecosystems, and the practical solutions session inspired me to take action.”


We are very conscious of the carbon footprint we leave when travelling and we will be actively looking to travel overland by either coach (most likely) or train (depending on cost and connections).  The may mean leaving very early and arrive back very late!

Coach travel is most likely to be from London to Budapest and take around 26hours.  We are still investigating train travel and understand there is a new link  between Brussels and Budapest, but the financial and time costs may mean we the coach is more suited our timetable.


We’ll be traveling to Gödöllő, Szent István University which is just outside Budapest. You can see the exact location here.The Szent István University is an agricultural science and veterinary university in Hungary, with its headquarters and main campus in the Central Hungarian town of Gödöllő.

Accommodation will be in shared student rooms and some of the activities will be outside in the adjacent woodland area. You should be prepared to spend time outside in warm/hot temperatures walking in the woods (and to come inside to cool down!).

Please register below and we’ll send you a link to the application form.


Our Hungarian hosts are able to accommodate most dietary requirements and knowing in advance helps us to make appropriate plans (you can tell us if you have any dietary requirements in the application form).

Breakfast and Dinner will be in the restaurant on campus and lunch will be provided by our team in the training rooms.  As in this photo, breakfasts normally include things like bread, eggs, cereals, cheese, jams and sliced meats with tea and coffee and fruit juice.

Light lunches are likely to comprise pastries, sandwiches, salad, buts, fruit and sweet snacks complimented by tea, coffee and juice.

For dinner, vegetarian options are available and it is probably fair to say that menus tend to be more meat based and that fried food is very popular.

If you have any questions about any aspects of the project, please email



How do I take part?

Once you have registered you have until 12noon Monday 30th March to complete and submit the application form.  If you are selected, we will then arrange a final selection Skype interview with you in early April.  Please keep an eye on your SPAM/JUNK folders as sometimes our emails land up there!


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