SHOUTOUT4SDGs Virtual Mobilities & Webinars: 6-9 July 2020

SDGs and Social Responsibility -------------> ֎ Our role in a reflective and responsible world ֎

Students!  Join us!   Join a vibrant and dynamic team of academics and leaders from the world-of work from Italy, Portugal, Hungary and the UK on a series of live Webinars to explore aspects of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  Thanks to Erasmus+ there is no charge for this programme of activities or the connected course & e-badge recognition.

This will be a unique opportunity to hear from leading UK climate activist David Ramsden, MBE about the Climate Crisis

In response to the impacts of Covid19 (Coronavirus) we have changed what was to be our student visit to Budapest to discuss these issues to a series live Webinar presentations that will cover a range of sustainable development and nature connection subject areas. This will mean that more people can take part and we’ll significantly reduce our project carbon footprint!  Join us to see how the SDGs link to University courses and our everyday jobs, lives and actions. This series of talks and discussions is part of  SHOUTOUT4SDGs: Making the UN Sustainable Development Goals explicit within Higher Education and the world of work.

Limited number of places!  Register here for the Webinars and look out for the opportunities to join us for FREE on the physical mobility to Hungary later this year.


This course

The 8 live webinars presented here and their linked learning materials will make up a course form which you can gain recognition via an e-badge and letter of endorsement. You don’t have to do the course, but it could help your c.v. and your networking into future jobs.

From whatever background you come from, this course will help you to explicitly link your actions or teaching to particular SDGs in relation to your professional area, be it ecology, water management, forestry or anything else. We hope that the logic of this course in transferrable to many other disciplines.

During the course we will be exploring different areas of scientific research while also following one particular story around an iconic bird species – the BARN OWL.  The story of this bird can reveal a rich network of interdependence of seemingly distant and independent global issues.

Economic growth, infrastructure, quality education, sustainable cities, climate action are only a few of the 17 goals, and we will show they all need to be taken into consideration if we intend to secure the long term survival of habitats, ecosystems, or a vulnerable species, such as the barn owl.

An endorsed e-badge when you complete

With no fee, we are offering you a special e-badge and ‘letter of endorsement’ signed by all the presenters on behalf of the organisations they represent to show that you attended the Webinars and explored the linked learning materials.

You will receive endorsement suitable for your  c.v. or job application covering letter signed by senior representative from the SHOUTOUT4SDGs project partners:

University of Padova, Italy

University of Evora, Portugal

Ambios Ltd, UK

Barn Owl Foundation, Hungary

Ambios Portugal, Portugal

To gain the e-badge and the endorsement letter describing your engagement with this week of exploration of SDGs you will need to complete 75% of all tasks (Webinars and linked learning materials). Further information is available on registration.

Monday 6 July: Webinar No 1

10.00 – 11.00 BST

Introduction to Social Responsibility & SDGs – Exploring Hope for the future: Simon Roper, Ambios Ltd

In this talk Simon will explore how Social Responsibility is a key factor in successfully implementing the UN SDGs. While the targets for each SDG can sometimes appear overwhelming, the role that we each play in seeing them through to success is vital to our personal, and ultimately the planet’s, wellbeing. The talk will explore Simon’s personal key messages: “There is always Hope”, how to foster a positive mindset and solution focus “We can do this…”.

Monday 6 July: Webinar No 2

17.00 – 18.00 BST

SDGs and the 2030 Agenda

Dr Ines Roque and Shirley Horst from Ambios Portugal will explore how the SHOUTOUT4SDGs project ran its first student mobility to Portugal in September 2019. How the student/staff team explored the sustainable cork oak industry and began to make explicit links between nature, the human economy and sustainability.

The Webinar will describe how you can apply for the SHOUTOUT4SDGs fully funded mobility to Hungary, which is currently planned for November 2020.

Tuesday 7 July: Webinar No 3

10.00 – 11.00 BST

Bird diversity and detectable recent population changes in Europe. Prof. João E. Rabaça, Dept. de Biologia, Escola de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade de Évora & LabOr – Laboratório de Ornitologia.

This talk will explore how European bird populations can be indicators of human impact and environmental change in the context of both negative and positive impacts.  As scientists use birds as ‘biological indicators’ of environmental ‘health’ it becomes apparent that the impact of avian species on humans is perhaps more profound that we first thought.

João E. Rabaça is a Professor in the Department of Biology, Universidade de Évora and leads LabOr- Laboratory of Ornithology. His broad interests are in avian ecology, the role of birds has environmental indicators, conservation biology and methodological issues concerning bird census. In addition he has a special interest in methods that allow the spread of scientific knowledge using birds as a reference tool.

Tuesday 7 July: Webinar No 4

17.00 – 18.00 BST

Urbanisation: Greenfield Investments, habitat loss, landscape transformation and major roads: Dr Akos Klein, The Barn Owl Foundation, Hungary.

This talk will focus on the impacts of land change over time on both the human and ecological economy.  How do we balance the need for human space and space for biodiversity?  How does a country’s infrastructure impact on a species, a habitat, an ecosystem and a human population.

Dr Akos Klein is the Director of the Barn Owl Foundation, Hungary and comes from a background that includes ecological research, public understanding of science, international knowledge exchange and sustainable development.

Wednesday 8 July: Webinar No 5

Keynote speaker: David Ramsden MBE

10.00 – 10.45 BST: Part 1

Comfort break

11.00-11.45 BST: Part 2

11.45-12.00 BST: Questions from audience

‘Climate and Ecological Crises? What’s all the fuss about?’ by David Ramsden MBE.

We are delighted to announce a Webinar Debut from our Keynote speaker:

David was presented with Her Majesty the Queen’s MBE honour for over 30 years of ’services to wildlife.’  David says of the talk he has created “There’s an awful lot of fuss made about Climate Change these days and people even talking about extinction but surely things aren’t that bad, are they?”  His easy-to-follow look at the whole subject and the solutions some people are proposing will challenge your thinking and change your future actions.   

Click here for a little more information about David’s talk.

This talk is divided into 2 parts to allow for a comfort break.

Limited number of places!  

Wednesday 8 July: Webinar No 6

17.00 – 18.00 BST

Biodiversity protection and bio-economy development: a possible marriage?  Prof Davide Pettenella, Dipartimento Territorio e Sistemi Agro-Forestali, Universita’ di Padova.

This talk will explore the interplay between national government/European legal protection for biodiversity and bio-economic development in order to find ways for a sustainable economy to support human populations.

Davide Pettenella is a Professor at the University of Padova (Italy) where is teaching Forest economics. He has published more than 400 papers as a result of his research activities and field works carried out within programmes that seek to explore the relationship of forestry with economic activity and human wellbeing.

Thursday 9 July: Webinar No 7

10.00 – 11.00 BST

Your work/life matters – careers and a hopeful future.

Simon Roper (Ambios Ltd) and friends  will explore how the UN SDGs impact on daily life and how personal choices inform career paths.  Hear how a positive mindset and solution focus can help reframe and challenge existing narratives. How Simon takes inspiration from Barack Obama and Martin Luther King Jr. with their thought that  “… the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”  … and take the journey from the creation of personal Hope to the jobs and careers you will follow and how these, in every sense, can support a sustainable and fair future for all.

Thursday 9 July: Webinar No 8

17.00 – 18.00 BST

Your questions to the Panel 

The finale of this week long set of Webinars will feature all our speaks from the last days as well as some additional invited quests. It will be your chance to hear different views and answers to your specific questions.

The panel will begin by exploring some key themes. What does the future hold for conservation biology.  What might eco-politics look like in the future?  How do we create a fair society?  Where do we find Hope for the future.

Limited number of places!  Register now!


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