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Welcome to the SHOUTOUT4SDGs e-badge information page.

The holder of this e-badge undertook a University level virtual training programme in July 2020 as part of the SHOUTOUT4SDGs project.  This page contains further information.


The course

The owner of this badge has successfully undertaken a University level course:


Their submissions in response to learning materials were judged to be current, valid, sufficient and authentic by a team of academics from the University of Padova Italy and the University of Evora, Portugal and senior leaders from the Non-governmental organisations from UK, Hungary and Portugal. This course of study was offered by SHOUTOUT4SDGs – European Cooperation for Social Responsibility project, an online learning initiative co-funded by a European Union Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership in Higher Education.


The Signed Certificate

The holder of this badge has: Attended or watched a series of 8 x 1hr Webinars exploring the UN SDGs and social responsibility They have explored learning materials associated with sustainable development, the UN SDGs and sector employment, bird population dynamics and urbanisation of landscapes in the context of global climate change, the climate and ecological crisis, the bio-economy and wide ranging panel discussion on all of these areas. They were then assessed on these and their understanding of additional learning materials as well as a description of their own personal contribution to supporting the SDGs. They passed the assessment.

A certificate signed by all the project partners can be downloaded by clicking here.