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Our Bird Boxes can be used support bird conservation in your local area. Using the boxes helps to address population declines by providing artificial homes and sometimes supplementary feeding. A team of wildlife professionals and nature conservation trainees build the boxes in workshop amongst the trees. Our team includes the amazing men and women support by the United Response, providing skill-based learning and work experience for people with learning disabilities. By choosing to buy our Bird Boxes you are supporting our work whilst buying a quality locally made product.

They are made from locally sourced rough sawn larch with a through-and-through design (bark left on wherever possible) maintaining a natural look and feel, and without any synthetic preservatives. Bird boxes are 150mm x 250mm x 230mm, Boxes for tits, sparrows and starlings should be fixed two to four metres up a tree or a wall, and are best put up in the autumn, when birds will be looking for a suitable place to roost or feed. For more information, please see RSPB website.

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Price: £27 (includes delivery)