Badger TB Vaccination


Ambios has been carrying out an annual BadgerTB Vaccination Deployment project on the Sharpham Estate, Totnes, Devon since 2013 with the aim of increasing 
the proportion of badgers within the population that are given a degree of protection from this infection. Through badger vaccination our aim is to make it 
increasingly hard for the infection to maintain itself within the local badger population (providing ‘herd immunity’, a concept used in human-
immunisation programmes).  We are also working to better understand how many  badgers three are across the Sharpham Estate.  In 2014 & 2015 we vaccinated a total of 21 badgers across the Estate, a significant step towards realising our aim.

Badger vaccination is scientifically valid but not a ‘quick win’. The benefits will take some years to realise and TB infection can still find its 
way to cattle via other routes. The longer any programme of vaccination is sustained the higher the probability of a successful outcome.

Ambios Ltd not-for-profit has experienced and qualified staff overseeing trainees to deliver this programme. This unique delivery model drives down costs. We are not only using science to 
tackle the badger TB issue but also contributing to the training of the next generation of wildlife professionals. Our team has many years of experience with badgers.


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