SHOUTOUT4SDGs – Project closure

SDGs and Social Responsibility -------------> ֎ Our role in a reflective and responsible world ֎

Are you interested in sustainable development? Have your heard about the UN SDGs?

As our SHOUTOUT4SDGs project, co-funded by Erasmus+, draws to a close this autumn, we are celebrating the success of helping to make the UN SDGs more explicit in Higher Education and the world of work.

You can explore our project website (here) where you will find our online learning materials and e-badged courses about sustainability.  Please check back here for our final report in early 2021.

The 11th November 2020 Webinars

Our SHOUTOUT4SDGs project was all about encouraging Universities to make the UN SDGs more explicit in their teaching and everyday activities.  More widely, it was about:
During an afternoon of talks you can see here, we explored:
– SDGs and quality education with particular focus on HE+SDGs
– SDGs – how we move from theory to practice?
– SDGs – national achievements, good examples

Why does quality education matter?  How do the SDGs actually become a reality to our daily lives?  Where are the examples of progress and achievement?  Are we going to make it in time to the 2030 SDG deadline?

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Project resources for you

We also ran a very successful series of Webinars around this subject in July 2020 with over 40 participants attending each of 8 Webinars spread over 4 days – they were recorded and are now available here.  Subjects included the Climate and Ecological crisis and Social Responsibility – exploring Hope for the future.

If you would like to know more about the project, click here

These learning materials are free and can be found by clicking here.

Project Partners

We have been working with our partners from across Europe and each has further information about the project on a webpage:

The Barn Owl Foundation, Hungary

The University of Padova, Italy

Ambios Portugal

The University of Evora, Portugal

And we are Ambios Ltd, a UK based not-for-profit offering nature conservation training

The predict is co-funded by Erasmus+