Combining GIS-GPS for Biodiversity Mapping – Totnes

  • 9 & 10 May 2015
  • Lower Sharpham Barton Farm, Ashprington, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 7DX
  • All inclusive (accommodation and meals + training): p/t or f/t STUDENTS = £275 (single room) £240 (shared Yurt). EMPLOYED = £375 (single room) £340 (shared Yurt)

Fully Residential – all inclusive price.

Who is this training for? This training course is for employees and volunteers of NGOs, government agencies and research/education organisations. We expect trainees will have (or wish to gain) employment that involves biodiversity data collection, wildlife monitoring and mapping. Trainees will therefore have only limited experience, access and/or opportunity to learn about both GPS and GIS technology.   This 2-day course is designed for those who use (or want to use) GPS location units combined with GIS mapping software (the open source or FREE version). Mapping species can be used as a practical management tool as well as for interpretation and promoting public understanding of nature conservation.

This combined GIS-GPS Training course is unique, offering insight into both technologies and how they link together. It therefore offers an exciting package to Countryside Rangers/Conservation Officers/ Volunteers (prospective and existing) enabling you to use both a hand held GPS unit and open source (free!) GIS software to map and record biodiversity data. You will also be able to cascade your learning to co-workers (extending the reach of the training) – and directly use your new skills as a volunteer and/or in the workplace with immediate effect.

How it will work: You will be lent a Garmin GPSMAP® Unit (worth over £200) for two weeks prior to the course in order for you to practice the straightforward activities we will provide which are designed to encourage you to become familiar with the features of the GPS Unit. There will be an opportunity to purchase the unit at the end of the course. You will also receive a memory stick containing instructions on how to download the open source (FREE) GIS as well as other relevant software.

Places available: Twelve training places are available at early bird discount price of £250 for both days.

Who is delivering the training? Ambios Ltd (not-for-profit) is offering a 2-day face-to-face practical GIS-GPS Training course with time outdoors in the field using GPS equipment as well as time inside practicing with the GIS software. The training will focus on the combined use of both GPS and GIS for biodiversity data collection and mapping. The training package has been developed and tested under a recent European grant programme.

Equipment & software: Garmin GPSMAP® 62s navigation unit. QGIS 2.6 software.

You will need to bring: a laptop (with QGIS 2.6 installed – we’ll tell you how to do this) and the Garmin GPSMAP® 62s Unit (plus it’s USB data cable).

How to apply: To qualify please send your name, organization and address to with EuroGIS-GPS Training –in the subject line

Feedback from previous trainees

“It was very well structured with a good mix of practical and computer work.” “I learnt SO much in such a short space of time and the pace of delivery was just right.”

 “Mix of GPS/GIS – how it linked to how I would use both in the real work environment. I particularly liked that the application of what we were doing was emphasized”

 “It didn’t go too fast and I wasn’t afraid to ask questions if I got lost. I enjoyed that we got to go through extra bits and pieces, suited to the questions we had.”

Teaching was particularly good, everything was clear.”

Always seemed to be time to go over anything that didn’t sink in the first time.”