We are delighted to welcome our Summer cohort of nature conservation trainees to Lower Sharpham Farm. They have already begun their learning journey here with us, building on their wildlife knowledge and practical skills to help them progress into their future careers. We are excited to see what the next 12 weeks bring!


Sergio Puertas Ruiz (Spain)

Hello from Lower Sharpham Farm! My name is Sergio. I have finished my degree in Biology at the University of Granada, where I built on my knowledge about the environment. I thought that I needed to do practical work to actually complete this knowledge about the Biology. Thus, I have chosen this 12 week conservation traineeship with Ambios. Here I live in the environment, near to Totnes (a transition town), with the rest of the trainees and volunteers as a community, and this perfect for me because I love animals and plants.

Martina Reali (Italy)

Hi! I’m Martina, I’m 26 and I come from Italy. After I graduated, I had the opportunity to do the Erasmus Internship. Even though I come from a completely different background, my personal interest in nature and animals led me here. My goals are to improve my English, as well as drawing inspiration for a future career. For now, after my first week at the farm I can say that I’ve found a truly stimulating environment.

Lotte Celis (Belgium)

Hi all, my name is Lotte from Belgium. After the first two weeks of the traineeship we have already learnt a lot, participated in great and interesting activities, saw beautiful things in a stunning environment and enjoyed life on the farm. Graduating as a bio-engineer in agricultural sciences last year I had no idea about what to do next. I did know that I wanted to learn more about nature and find out whether that is the direction I wish to go into. So with this traineeship I can discover a lot about our natural environment and increase my knowledge and practical skills in nature conservation. It also allows me to learn a lot about the personal side of life and is helping me to grow as a person. Being immersed in nature here will hopefully give some time to reflect and inspiration for the future.

Cláudia Maria Lopes (Portugal)

Hello, my name is Cláudia and I come from the Azores, an archipelago in Portugal. I’ve always been surrounded by nature, and I’ve always had a deep connection with its conservation, even when I wasn’t aware of the concept. After formally studying Biology and Conservation Biology, I decided to come to this traineeship so that I could further my knowledge of practical conservation, as well as have the experience of discovering new cultures and ways of thinking. I’m really enjoying the start of the traineeship, and am really happy to have made this decision; hardwork is a necessity of life, but it’s easily done when you have views and nature this stunning, and people this amazing! I’m certain that I will forever hold dearly the memories made and the knowledge I gain will help me develop my future as a conservation biologist.

Karolin Rueckle (Germany)

My name is Karolin and I am from Germany. At home I currently study Geography at university. In Geography you have a large field of things you can do, like nature and botany which I have been interested since I was a little girl. My mum always has had a big garden where we grow a lot of different plants. Also I love to be outside, doing sports or hanging around with friends. This was my motivation to come to this traineeship.

Alex Maragakis (England)

I am a graduate of Computer Science from the University of Bristol and have spent a year working as a software developer. I came to Ambios in order to gain experience in the conservation sector as part of a possible career change. I have recently spent 3 months volunteering at the Lancashire Wildlife Trust. My ideal conservation job would be to be a National Park ranger. I am planning on applying to some full-time voluntary ranger positions once I complete my Ambios course.