Lambing on the farm

We have been welcoming newcomers to Lower Sharpham Farm these past couple of weeks, and everyone has been incredibly excited about it. I do not mean our new spring cohort of trainees, who are a truly lovely addition to our team, but our new baby lambs!

It has been a unique and truly memorable experience to witness a lamb birth with our own eyes. For most of us, it is the first time we have ever seen this incredible life event.  There is no doubt that the lambs’ birth was the icing on the cake of the new trainees’ first week here at Sharpham Farm.

There was a huge element of excitement as we realised that the ewe had begun contracting and then seeing the water bag come out.  Everyone became slightly more apprehensive and more focused on what was going on. Finally the lamb emerged and there was big relief and happiness. The ewe licked the lamb to dry it off and to begin the bonding process. We couldn’t believe it when after just a few minutes, the new-born was standing on all four legs and was beginning to look for milk. After a while the placenta emerged which the ewe ate, and the lamb also began to suckle. The lamb and her mum were moved into a pen, allowing them to bond and be safe. It was a great opportunity to share the same feelings at the same time together, allowing us as a group to form our own bonds.

All the lambs that have been born so far have been healthy, and they are starting to become more and more energetic as the days go by. The ewes are also doing well and have been excellent mums to their new-borns. We are all happy to welcome fresh new babies, since the baby goats have been growing so fast and are getting more independent.

Written by Daniel Chantrel-Valat, one of our long term volunteers