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I originally came to the farm last year to take part in the summer 12-week traineeship with the idea that it would reignite my love and excitement for nature but ultimately I would return home afterward. That however.. did not happen!

I enjoyed my time here so much, and felt such a part of the community and landscape that I decided to take the leap to create a new life here in Devon.

I found a place to live, picked up a few part-time jobs to get stabilised and began this new chapter.

I stayed connected with the farm and when this New to Nature opportunity came up I decided to apply in hopes that I could return again to the farm and continue learning about nature, and here I am!!

Nature has always played a huge role in my life and has been especially important for my mental health. I am at my happiest on long walks along the coastline, swimming in the sea and engaging with wildlife. I get great enjoyment from acting as a nature detective and being interested in everything as the environment is so full of surprises.

This role really appealed to me as it involves gaining an in-depth knowledge of the site through ecological survey work and learning about the current projects underway on the farm. I will be responsible for keeping track and organising the data to best utilise the findings for the future. I will participate in writing blogs and posts for social media and learn how to share relevant and important information to the public about what we do and any notable changes. Additionally, with it being a Groundwork supported position funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, I have monthly check ins with my youth employment coach and am offered a range of extra support which I’m really appreciative of.

I have struggled with my self-confidence in my knowledge of wildlife and hope to gain a greater belief in myself and my skills of wildlife identification and presentation. I know that this year will do just that and set me up for an environmentally inquisitive future.

✍ Izzy Bloomfield – Ambios Countryside Ranger (Wildlife Surveys and Outreach)

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