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“For me, the most valuable aspect of the traineeship was being immersed in a world where nature is not seen as something separate and “over there”. It’s subtleties like this and other things I can’t even describe that have helped me to find my focus in terms of my career. I’m now working as an Assistant Ranger for the Wildlife Trust and I use the skills I learnt at Ambios on a daily basis.”

Without doubt, doing the traineeship with Ambios has enabled me to make the leap from working for arts charities to working in conservation in a matter of months. The traineeship gives you practical, tangible skills that employers in the environmental sector need to see – plus the language you need to understand how the environmental sector works.

Jack, Mike and the team will help you work out what is important for you to learn whilst on the traineeship. They will do everything possible to tailor the course to you. Some people in my cohort were career focused like me. Some were looking for inspiration and some wanted to learn the skills to personally take on Rewilding and conservation projects. 

It was certainly a daunting prospect, the idea of leaving my life for 3 months to be with complete strangers at the age of 36. But this ended up being one of the best parts of my time in Devon. When do you ever get the chance to live with people of all ages and all walks of life who all care deeply about the natural world?  

Jack, Mike, Simon, Kate and the wider team at Ambios are truly inspiring people who are dedicated to sharing their love of the natural world and how to protect our environment with anyone keen to learn.  I will treasure the time I spent with Ambios forever and I am so grateful for them helping to find my focus and helping me to direct my passion into something I really care about. 


Assistant Ranger, Wildlife Trust


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