Harnessing AI for Nature Recovery: Devon Rewilding Network Secures Grant for Future Landscape Visualisation

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Some fantastic news!

The Devon Rewilding Network, run by Ambios since it began in 2021, has been awarded a Rewilding Britain Innovation Fund grant to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to visualise different futures for some of the landscape along the banks of the River Dart. The AI uses drone flight images and produces realistic impressions of the future in nature recovery.

Simon Roper, who runs the Devon Rewilding Network said “Aerial images from a drone can capture panoramic views of an area which have immediate appeal, they look amazing and that’s sparking interest and conversations. Viewers can see and appreciate their land within and beyond their ownership boundaries. We want to use these techniques to encourage landowners to think about the potential for landscape connectivity for nature recovery.”

Over the coming year, the Devon Rewilding Network and Ambios will invite local landowners to participate in the project and see their land from above – and into the future.

If you’re interested in careers in nature recovery and learning more about how this project came about, the funding pathway, and the early results, why not investigate one of our residential training courses!

Note: Ambios Ltd has been running the Devon Rewilding Network (DRN) since its launch in June 2021. Over 150 people with different interests come together at in-person site visits or during Webinars to share experiences and showcase examples of the many different aspects of nature recovery and rewilding.  Join the network today for just £10 per year – everyone is welcome, rewilders and rewilding enthusiasts alike!

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