E-badge criteria: WildSkills EU: Effective camera trapping

Ambios Ltd Effective Camera Trapping: E-badge holder course experiences

The panels below describe the range of experiences and activities that this e-badge holder has engaged in over the 6-week time period of this Erasmus+ funded WildSkills EU: Effective Camera Trapping course which was delivered by tutors at Ambios Ltd, UK.



6-weeks of practical experience

A wildlife camera trap was on loan to the holder of the e-badge for the duration of the course.

Over 6-weeks the e-badge holder has covered:

  • Operations of a camera trap
  • Legal and safety rules and regulations associated with using camera traps
  • Different uses of camera traps
  • Produced quality outputs from a camera trap
  • Made adjustments on the camera trap to maximise image quality
  • Described why videos are useful when camera trapping
  • Demonstrated how to set up for videos
  • Produce video outputs from the camera trap
  • Demonstrated an awareness of animal field signs
  • Choosen appropriate locations in the field to place a camera
  • Set up and position a camera in a chosen outdoor location
  • Explored additional camera trapping topics
  • Analysed the results from camera trapping


A key component of the course was mapping the chosen location of the camera trap in the context of the local habitats and signs of wildlife.

The holder of this e-badge has demonstrated that they can produce quality maps showing the location and context of camera traps.

(Example map shown for illustration only)


The holder of this e-badge as also demonstrated that they can successfully capture both still and video images of wildlife and move these images from the camera onto computer and upload them to an online platform.

If you require any further information about the course or the e-badge holder, please contact Ambios Ltd, UK via this email: info@ambios.net