E-badge criteria: Effective camera trapping

Ambios Ltd Effective Camera Trapping: course experiences

The panels below describe the range of experiences and activities with which the e-badge holder has actively engaged over their 6 week time on the Ambios Ltd Effective Camera Trapping course.



6-weeks of practical experience

The e-badge holder was loaned a wildlife camera trap for the duration of the course.

Over the 6-week of the course, the e-badge holder has covered:

  • Operations of a camera trap
  • Legal and safety rules and regulations associated with using camera traps
  • Different uses of camera traps
  • Produced quality outputs from a camera trap
  • Made adjustments on the camera trap to maximise image quality
  • Described why videos are useful when camera trapping
  • Demonstrated how to set up for videos
  • Produce video outputs from the camera trap
  • Demonstrated an awareness of animal field signs
  • Choosen appropriate locations in the field to place a camera
  • Set up and position a camera in a chosen outdoor location
  • Explored additional camera trapping topics
  • Analysed the results from camera trapping


A key component of the course was mapping the chosen location of the camera trap in the context of the local habitats and signs of wildlife.

The holder of this e-badge has demonstrated that they can produce quality maps showing the location and context of camera traps.