E-badge criteria: 12wk residential

Ambios Ltd 12-week residential Nature Conservation Training course experiences

The panels below describe the range of experiences and activities with which the e-badge holder has engaged over their time with Ambios Ltd at Lower Sharpham Farm, Devon.

These experiences have covered; Conservation approaches, Field Skills and Workshops, ReWilding monitoring, Practical work and Personal development & communication.


Conservation approaches

Landscape scale ecological restoration: rewilding

Habitats of the UK

UK land & species protection

UK organisations, partnerships and networks

UK farming and biodiversity: Stewardship & ELMS

Birds as indicators of ecosystem health

Field Skills and Workshops

Developing nature observation skills

Interpreting and recording habitats

Phase 1 Habitat Survey

National Vegetation Classification (NVC)

Effective bird identification techniques

Using bat detectors

Small mammal trapping

Effective camera trapping

ReWilding Monitoring

Grassland quadrat and transect vegetation monitoring (NVC)

Bat fixed point monitoring

Dormouse nest tube monitoring

Small mammal monitoring (seasonal)

BMS butterfly survey (seasonal)

BBS breeding bird survey (seasonal)

NRS scheme bird nest recording (seasonal)

Fixed point winter bird monitoring (seasonal)

Estuary fixed point bird monitoring

Reptile monitoring (seasonal)

Practical work

Livestock management & care

Wildlife box building (woodwork): bird & bat boxes

Practical site construction/green woodworking

Hedge laying (seasonal)

Safe tool use & tool care

Organic horticulture

Personal development & communication

Introduction to using Quantum GIS

Effective presentations/walks & talks: getting your message across

Transition Town Totnes – building resilience into local communities

Getting a job in the environment sector

Wild food foraging