Devon Rewilding Network

Connecting people for Devon’s wild future

Rewilding shouldn’t happen in isolation – by connecting with others and by inspiring people to get involved, we can make a bigger difference.

Ambios is working with Rewilding Britain to create a network of people based in Devon who are interested in, or taking action to rewild land in our beautiful county.

Rewilding often means different things to different people, so working together with a variety of people is vital to changing the way we view our natural world.  The Devon Rewilding Network provides a collaboration between people to connect, support, inform and guide.

Be a part of the Devon Rewilding Network

Your membership supports us and others to restore the biodiversity of our land and provide opportunities for Devon’s wildlife to bounce back and thrive.

For just £10 a year you’ll be a part of this valuable movement which supports the recovery of Devon’s landscape for future generations.

Membership includes:

Wild Sharpham: our own rewilding project

In 2020 Ambios took on an extra 50 acres of post-agricultural land within the Sharpham Estate with the vision of rewilding this 18th century parkland.

This gives us an opportunity to not only do right by the land, but to share the process with a rich and diverse audience – a core motivation of Ambios and our landlords, The Sharpham Trust.  

As a result, we welcome people to join us as we work to restore this land, either in a voluntary capacity, or as part of our traineeships.

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