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Your Conservation Career Plans - the journey

For many of us during this uncertain time, it is challenging deciding what and how to plan for the future.  We are here to help, through a series of live conservation careers webinars.

The Ambios team can show you a simple tool to help you decide on a goal and a pathway to achieving it over the next three or six months.

Your goal could be a personal thing (e.g. learning to drive) or it could be job related (working as a Wildlife Ranger).  Whatever your goal, thinking about the resources you have around you to help move towards it, what your options are and the time table to achieve it are useful tools to keep you motivated during the current challenging circumstances.

Our 2 linked webinars will guide you through the process and we’d love to hear how you’ve done in 3 or 6 months time.

We are limiting the webinars to a small group of ten people. This is to make the webinars more personal and to really tailor the support to your needs.

Webinar 1: Your conservation career plans - setting your goal & exploring your current reality

The first webinar will be held on Monday 12th October at 12 noon.

In order to get the most from this we’re asking you to start thinking about your goal. Firstly, think long term (example: Working as a Wildlife Ranger). Then, break this into manageable ‘chunks’. We would like you to come to the meeting with an idea of a ‘first step’ goal which moves you towards your long term outcome. For example: “I would like to be accepted for an interview for (specific course/job) by the end October”

It needs to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound (SMART)!

Here are some questions you might ask yourself about your goal:

• What are your long term goals?
• What specific short-term goal (the one for this Webinar) would help you reach that?
• What will reaching this goal give you?
• How will you know you’ve reached your goal?
• Does this goal fit with your overall objectives?
• When do you want to achieve it by?
• How achievable is it?

During this webinar you can share your goal with us (if you wish) and we can talk through some solution focused activities using the resources you might have around you to help move you towards your goal. We’ll then leave you to explore some options ready for our next webinar.

Webinar 2: Your conservation career plans - Your options and planning the way forward

The second live webinar will be held on Thursday 15th October at 12 noon.

Building on your current reality, you can share what options you have in order to reach your goal and we can explore the planning and timeline to achieve it.

Sometimes we ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’ and it helps to have some support from outside to explore options, intensify resources and plan a timeline.

If you would like to share your outcome with us in 3 or 6 months, we’ll provide our contact information.

Feedback from previous webinars

Thanks for giving us hope!!

Brilliant webinar, I’ve got a lot to think about! Feeling positive! Thanks everyone 🙂

Thank you so much! Brilliant info 🙂

Thank you all once again. Fab webinar

Registration and Payment

Please note, there are only ten places available and these will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The cost for the two Conservation Careers Talks are only £10.

We will be using the money to fund some temporary fencing for pigs. These pigs will stay in a field at the farm for a short time to turn over the ground, making it a better environment for more species of wildlife.

Conservation Careers Talk
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