Citizen Bioblitz


The 24 hour citizen bioblitz is a regular one-day event held by Ambios. All are welcome to join us in a 24-hour race to find as many species as possible within a given area. Over the past 5 years we have run a Bioblitz in many different locations from the Sharpham Estate, to the Bishop Hull House in Taunton, to Glastonbury Abbey.

How it works

The aim of the Bioblitz is to record as many species as possible within our chosen location. This will include studying mosses and plants, identifying insects, trapping moths and even using stealth cameras to record the activity of bats, badgers and foxes in the night-time. Technology plays a key role in the Bioblitz as we use cameras to investigate and record wild and then upload data to the Ispot Open University Website. Our aim is to improve knowledge of the biodiversity within our local area. But more importantly we aim to engage people from all walks of life in learning about nature. Those who attend the Bioblitz may be nature volunteers, families, wildlife-lovers or those with an interest in technology. Many go on to engage in further in learning about the natural world.