Working4Wildlife – practical skills (co-funded by ERASMUS+)

Practical wildlife conservation training in EU + recognition of skills

Working4Wildlife – practical skills.  Are you looking for an opportunity to focus on wildlife for an entire 2-weeks with like minded people?   Then join us and spend quality time working with wildlife and a professional team during a visit to the Barn Owl Foundation, Hungary. The immersive experience will support your personal development and help your career (in whatever area of work).

2-weeks with the Barn Owl Foundation, Hungary, 12-26 October 2019 funded by Eramsus+ AND Webinar pre-mobility briefing, online learning, pastoral support and UK celebration event (early 2020).



  • The mobility part of this course is funded by ERASMUS+
  • UK introduction to wildlife skills & mobility information
  • Work alongside our friends at the Barn Owl Foundation, Hungary (with whom we have worked for over 20 years)
  • Build key skills in recognising field signs of birds & mammals
  • Participate in science communication activities
  • Gain recognition of your new skills from employers via e-badging and Europass
  • Expand your confidence, thinking and motivation
  • Progress towards employment


Come and help us make a difference

The programme

6 places available for vocational training with the Barn Owl Foundation, Hungary

Programme consists of:

  • A two week practical experience with the Barn Owl Foundation, Hungary
  • UK pre-mobility Webinar covering  wildlife survey & interpretation skills
  • Networking with Ambios and fellow participants
  • 35 hours of on-line interactive learning in your own time and at your own pace
  • UK post mobility for feedback/networking/celebration event

UK Webinar briefing pre-mobility

The UK Webinar briefing pre-mobility takes place on Thursday 3rd October at 6pm.

The Webinar will provide and introduction to:

  • Your fellow participants
  • The structure of the mobility and what to expect
  • Travel logistics and kit to take
  • The on-line learning materials
  • The learning and pastoral support we provide

Mobility to Hungary 2019

Your UK Webinar will prepare you for your mobility to the Barn Owl Foundation (BOF), Hungary. When at BOF you will work alongside their staff, living, learning and working for wildlife.

Follow the link below for information

Two week practical experience with the Barn Owl Foundation, Hungary

PLEASE NOTE: Ambios Ltd is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of all our operations. We will therefore explore with successful participants the practicalities of travelling to your Host by coach (or train) before we investigate air travel.  For Hungary this means you travelling for over 26-28hours by coach London=>Budapest before minus to BOF HQ (2hrs south west). We understand this may be too long for some participants with health or welfare needs, in which case please let us know and we will look into flights.  If we have fly anyone/everyone, we will offset the impacts.

To find out more about the mobilities, please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

On-line Interactive Learning

If your application is successful, you will have access to our on-line interactive learning environment, which will guide you through the learning you need to maximise your gain from the this vocational course.

You can complete a course in Bird Identification which is e-badged and will come with recognition of your time and hard work with the Barn Owl Foundation.  You’ll learn practical skills in bird identification, increasing your confidence around looking at bird shape, size, colour, song, and behaviour as well as producing field notes and understanding the legal aspects and your responsibilities when wildlife watching.

You will work your way through the learning materials at your own pace and you can complete as much of the course as you like. Each section within the learning materials is followed by a review (of that learning).  When you’ve successfully progressed through all the review stages you will receive an e-badge for that Unit.   The badge gives you recognition of your time on the course and helps to enhance your employability. It will be endorsed by your EU hosts and Ambios Ltd

For this course you will work at Apprentice level, doing tasks under supervision.

Post European Mobility

Following your mobilities, we will be meeting in Devon for a one day celebration event.

This day will also be the time you receive your certificates of recognition for the practical skills you gained whilst on your course.

You can take up to 1 year from your date or registration on the course to complete the on-line materials and gain recognition.


How to apply

Once you have registered with us we will immediately send you a link to the application form.  Apply by 19 September 17:00 deadline and you pay £295.

To get an application form please register below.  We may also send you, from time to time, updates on other Ambios courses.  You can email us at any time to op-out of this service.

Ambios Ltd are committed to protecting your personal data and working in accordance with all relevant data protection legislation. Will will never sell your data to anyone. Your data will be used for contacting you about this Wildlife Survey and Interpretation Skills course and may be used to make you aware of other similar offers. This data will be deleted after 12 months.


Once Ambios has confirmed your place on the course, you should make the payment following the link below.

Hungary October 2019 Payment