Wildlife Products

Wildlife Boxes

Lower Sharpham Farm is our organic farm managed for wildlife, nature and learning. On the farm we produce a range of bird, bat and bee boxes for use in nature conservation. Using the boxes helps to address population declines in key species such as Bumblebees, Swifts and Barbastelle Bats, by providing artificial homes and sometimes supplementary feeding. A team of wildlife professionals, nature conservation volunteers, nature conservation trainees and people supported by the Robert Owen Communities build the boxes in our workshop amongst the trees. Our wildlife boxes can be bought directly from our online shop.

Wildlife Boxes in use

A number of boxes are used around Lower Sharpham Farm to encourage local wildlife and bio-diversity. For our Woodwork for Wildcams project we fitted cameras in some boxes to relay pictures and sound to a television in the ‘tea break-room’. This enables our team, including the men and women of the Robert Owen Communities to see the difference they are making to local wildlife. We have used them as an integral part of some of our research projects based at Lower Sharpham Farm, including to house Bumblebees for our study of Bumblebee Longevity and to house stealth cameras to establish local badger numbers for our Badger TB Vaccination Deployment programme. We also have a contract to supply bat boxes externally.