Work-Based Training

Work alongside professional staff in real work environments

We are currently preparing a new Wildlife Species and Interpretation Skills curriculum as part of our Vocational Education and Training (VET) programme for 2018+.  More details will appear here shortly.  We are working on the detail of 3-week and 24-week opportunities that will deliver work-based training with us here in the UK and then with partner organisations in the EU.  These will be fantastic opportunities to work alongside professional staff in real work environments and gain recognised credit from both the UK and EU experiences.

The programme will lead you to vocational education and training certification including Units from the Work-based Diploma in Environmental Conservation, Europass, Certificate Supplements and out new electronic badging recognition.

Experiences will include bird surveys and bird ringing work, mammal surveys, animal tracking and laboratory analyses, habitat surveys and public engagement / science communication.  Please follow our Twitter and Facebook pages for updates.