Training Calendar

Our Current Opportunities

Every year Ambios deliver a range of nature conservation opportunities in both the UK and Europe. Some are suitable for students at the very beginning of a career in conservation. Some are suitable for seasoned wildlife professionals who want to improve their skills in a particular area. Some are even suitable for nature lovers who want to learn more about flora and fauna. Please view our training calendar below to find an opportunity that is right for you.

Training Calendar 2017


Lemur+ Wildlife.Technology.Skills

2 x 2017 placements (4 months) available until 6th March 2017

LEMUR+ is an exciting project (2014-2017), supported by Skills for the Future at the Heritage Lottery Fund, that combines real work experience of nature conservation organisations with training that includes the use of technology.  Certification for each participant is part of a project that prepares and propels trainees towards employment in the nature conservation / biodiversity management sector.   If you would like to work for a national park, a wildlife charity or a nature conservation government agency then LEMUR+ is designed to help you achieve that goal.


Lemur+ Widening Participation

12 months and 9 month placements

Lemur+ bursary placements will train, mentor and support people with learning or visual disabilities and ‘widening participation’ graduates to realise their ambition of securing employment in the wildlife heritage sector.  As well as increasing access to nature conservation employment, this pioneering project aims to foster mutual understanding within the nature conservation sector, and influence  recruitment strategies. The development phase, funding dependent will start in Spring 2017, with first placements hopefully starting 2018


12 Week Nature Conservation Traineeship UK

12 weeks. Erasmus+ funding available to some students.

02 April, 02 July and 02 October 2017 start dates

This 12 week immersive residential placement teaches the foundation skills for a career in nature conservation as well as providing insights into working within the sector. Trainees will gain practical experience as well as exposure to a range of conservation organizations  This may count towards university credits for biology and ecology courses and is available through Erasmus +.

Research Project

Rewilding Research Experience

2 weeks either  17 June – 1 July or 9 September – 23 September

This training package is designed to fit with the University of Exeter 15 Credit Workplace Learning module. This two-week research experience will enable you to complete the 15 Credit Workplace Learning module by gaining practical skills in wildlife survey and land management techniques and contributing to our Rewildling farming decisions. You will be based at Lower Sharpham Farm on the stunning Sharpham Estate and experience visits to other parts of the South Devon landscape, understanding better the unique habitats and conservation pressures facing our native flora and fauna.

Weekend Workshop

Plant ID & Foraging Feasts

22nd – 23rd April at £295. Discounts available for students who have attended nature tasters.  Accommodation can be booked separately.

This weekend workshop aims to equip you with a basic identification ability, and a much richer knowledge and appreciation of plants. The experience is aimed at students with ambition for a career in biodiversity and land management, those with a fledgling interest in foraging and wild food, or recent graduates starting out in the nature conservation sector where a basic knowledge of plants will be of huge value.

Weekend Workshop

Combining GIS & GPS for Bio-Diversity Mapping

1st-2nd July at £295. Discounts available for students who have attended nature tasters.  Accommodation can be booked separately.

GIS and GPS technologies enable the mapping of species, which  can be used as a practical management tool as well as for interpretation and promoting public understanding of nature conservation. This combined GIS-GPS Training course offers a unique insight into both technologies and how they link together.

Weekend workshop

Countryside Ranger; Getting your message across

2 days- dates tbc- at £50. Accommodation can be booked separately.

Whatever your career (Countryside Ranger, archaeologist, Environmental manager, scientist) you’ll need to communicate messages to different audiences. The training will discuss what makes good interpretation (from talks to walks to leaflets and static boards) and how technology can open up new audiences.

Nature Taster

1 Day Nature Taster

1 day- current dates 22nd Feb or 8th Mar- £10

One day course at Lower Sharpham Farm providing an insight into surveying and identification techniques. Designed for those at the beginning of their conservation careers and ideal for University groups.  Topics covered include an introduction to Ambios, badger surveys and TB vaccination, bird and botanical surveys and structural diversity.