SHOUTOUT4SDGs Project – virtual mobilities & ErasmusPlus

European Cooperation for Social Responsibility - SHOUTOUT4SDGs

SHOUTOUT4SDGs: Making the UN Sustainable Development Goals explicit within Higher Education and the world of work.

We’re looking for students studying any subject at any UK University to participate in a 1 hour VIRTUAL mobility on Thursday 26th September, 16:00hrs. This webinar will allow students and project leaders from the UK, Hungary, Italy and Portugal to explore how we might, working as one team from each country, use social media to explicitly link the UN SDGs to a University learning module.

Participation in this VIRTUAL mobility will mean we will actively consider your application for the next FREE 4-day project visits to Hungary (in May and November 2020).  You’ll need to complete a short application form for this, which we’ll send you early next year.

To join the project you must be an undergraduate, postgraduate or 2019 graduate.  All skills and backgrounds are welcome – you might be an English student, a geographer, a physicist of a biologist – a historian or a sociology student (this list could go on…) – everyone has something to contribute and we’d welcome your views and input!

The Project

We’re asking students studying in the UK to help us develop some on-line learning materials and social media content that tell real stories around making links between University learning modules/or learning activities /or projects and the UN SDGs.

As well as the upcoming VIRTUAL mobility, we have two physical mobilities (for 4 days each) happening in 2020, both to Budapest, Hungary.

This SHOUTOUT4SDGs project, supported by ErasmusPlus,  aims to make the UN Sustainable Development Goals explicit within Higher Education and the world of work. The main project website is here and we’ll be adding new learning material to this we go through 2020.

The project is a partnership between Ambios Ltd (UK) the Barn Owl Foundation (Hungary) and AmbiosPT (Portugal), as well as the University of Padova (Italy) and the University of Evora (Portugal).  The Universities of Southampton (UK) and ELTE (Budapest, Hungary) are also associated with the project.  Through students we now have links with Universities of Exeter and Strathclyde.


Join our project and:

  • Experience working directly on implementing the UN SDGs
  • Explore sustainability through real world practical examples
  • Volunteer in an educational context – suggesting and preparing on-line learning materials for others
  • Be actively considered for a FREE  visit to Budapest in 2020
  • Boost your team-working and communication skills
  • Network with students, professionals, industry, educators and politicians within a wider European context
  • Participate in cultural exchanges: Hungary, Italy, Portugal, UK
  • Gain superb C.V. experience

How do I take part?

Once you have registered with us we will send you details about the webinar.

We may also send you, from time to time, updates on other Ambios projects or courses. You can email us at any time to op-out of this service.

Ambios Ltd are committed to protecting your personal data and working in accordance with all relevant data protection legislation. Will will never sell your data to anyone. Your data will be used for contacting you about this Wildlife Survey and Interpretation Skills course and may be used to make you aware of other similar offers. This data will be deleted after 12 months.