Countryside Services

Our skilled and highly qualified team are well equipped to tackle a huge range of countryside contracts from clients in the public, private and third sector. Based in Devon, South West England, most of our Countryside Service team have passed through an Ambios training programme, so we are confident they have the necessary skills to provide a high quality, value for money and wildlife sensitive service. Furthermore we believe in the value of authentic on the job learning, and provide training opportunities including apprenticeships wherever possible. This ensures trainees get a real world example of work in the nature conservation sector whilst giving our clients the piece of mind that they are getting the most up to date, informed and thorough service.

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£5million public liability insurance and all our activities are fully risk assessed and Health & Safety compliant

Woodland Management

Ambios have a long history of woodand management – from producing management plans, to small scale felling and woodland clearance, access works and creating woodland furniture, chestnut splitting through to large scale contracts including clearance works for disease management and replanting programmes. We can access all the necessary machinery and equipment for any type of woodland job; rustic planking, winching, wood chipping,  log splitting and work in the woodland canopy (climbing). Our long standing relationship with provides us with regular projects and our team have developed a valuable set of skills in being able to communicate with a range of clients, achieving their specific needs, always with a sensitive eye to wildlife and biodiversity improvements.

Countryside services

The Ambios team can offer the following countryside services;

  • Traditional post and rail fencing and dry stone walling
  • Agricultural stock fencing and tree guards
  • Public access works including gate and stile erection, pathway building and clearance
  • Countryside carpentry works inlcuding wildlife boxes,  interpretation panels, outdoor flier holders
  • Wooden structures including hen houses, compost loos and woodsheds as well as wooden boardwalks, platforms and footpaths
  • Machinery works inlcuding strimming and brushcutting, mowing, chainsaw works, blowing

Species surveys

Additional projects Ambios are involved with include assisting with species surveys including protected species works with, for exampe bats and badgers. Our team have a wealth of knowledge to support ecological consultants and surveyors, and past projects have included EU protected species surveys and dedicated monitoring, exclusion and relocation works followed up with habitat restoration and recreation


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