Ambios is a not-for-profit company involved in training, capacity-building and human-resource development across a broad base of environmental activities. We have been operating since 1993, when Ambios Environmental Consultants Ltd was formed. This company continues to provide commercial clients with a range of services in the field of Coastal and Shelf Sea operations (ports, energy, minerals extraction etc). Our operations in this field led to the development of initiatives to meet UK and global needs for environmental education and awareness and Ambios Ltd was launched in 2001 to provide a focus for these issues. The development of Vocational Qualifications is a base activity, and AmbiosNVQ is a UK trading entity for the delivery of these awards. Although Ambios operates from the United Kingdom, we are active internationally, particularly in the Developing World; Ambios is involved in coastal zone projects in Central America where we are known as AmbiosCA.

" Nothing is unique in its species, even a cosmos; though everything is unique in its own existing." 

John Fowles The Aristos.