Rewilding Landscapes Experience


Rewilding Landscapes; Culture, Heritage and Biodiversity. This training package is designed to fit with the University of Exeter 15 Credit Workplace Learning module.

Start Dates: 17 June – 1 July & 9 September – 23 September

This two-week nature experience will provide you with the foundation skills required for a career in nature conservation along and a comprehensive insight into working in the sector. You will work towards the University of Exeter’s Workplace Learning module, gaining practical skills in research, mapping and data gathering techniques. You will be based at Lower Sharpham Farm on the stunning Sharpham Estate and experience visits to other parts of the South Devon landscape, understanding better the unique habitats and conservation pressures facing our native flora and fauna. Alongside biodiversity management practical work, you will also focus on our applied Rewilding research project, gathering historic and present day map data from paper records, using GPS and GIS technologies to collect new data and working up suggestions for rewilding our farm – all to present to different audiences including our management team.

Training, Living and Working

Together we will create your individual learning journey for your time with us which will be supported by our team and brings a growth mindset and solution focused approach. Specific training in key areas of activity will be provided, e.g. data collection and analysis, presentation skills and reflective journal writing.

Whilst with Ambios you will live with a team of motivated fellow trainees, long term volunteers and staff all with a keen interest in nature and wildlife, with personal experiences and skills to share. You will have your own space in our cabin bunkhouse, as well as sharing communal living and training with students from UK and abroad. You will eat food from the farm that you will help grow whilst with us, creating an absorbing placement where your time will be full.


On completing the experience you will have:

* Given presentations explaining the work of Ambios and your applied research project

* Completed an on-going review and reflect illustrated journal / blog (1500 words)

* Achieved the Intended Learning Outcomes of the 15 Credit Workplace Learning Module


“A friendly and inclusive learning environment which was well paced, informative and highly rewarding! The care each of the Ambios team members showed towards us both during the course and after has been incredible. A fantastic experience that has helped me develop new skills and I couldn’t be happier with the course”

Who is delivering the training?

Simon Roper has worked in nature conservation and ecological consultancy for three decades starting with Devon Wildlife Trust, the Barn Owl Trust and the Royal Society of Wildlife Trust. He co-founded Ambios in 2001 with Dr Clive Betts who is a life-long entomologist and tutor/coach (at the University of Exeter). Fraser Rush is an ecological consultant and naturalist with many years of experience in nature reserve management and public engagement with wildlife. Jack Skuse has been living and working at Sharpham for his professional life; hosting trainees, supporting biodiversity research projects and now bringing up his young family.


Our ‘lodge’ has 8 single bedrooms with 2 toilet/shower rooms and a kitchen with a large comfortable lounge and woodstove. The accommodation is part of our working farm, managed for biodiversity and learning. It is comfortable and sits amongst the trees, hedgerows and spectacular views of the River Dart and is surrounded by idyllic countryside. This is a secure and tranquil place for relaxing between learning sessions. All meals are provided from local produce (direct from our farm where possible) with special dietary requirements catered for on request. We also have a Yurt and an open plan office which we use as training spaces where free Wi-Fi is available.

How To Join Us

We can collect you from Totnes Railway Station (4 miles from the farm) at 16.00 on the day of arrival and return you to the station on the final day. Alternatively, you can make your own way from the station or direct by car to TQ9 7DX to arrive by 16.30.

There are 4 places available, with either a resdiential or non-residential option

* Residential & catered: £1,100

* Non-residential: £800

* Discount price: (ask the University Career Zone – grants may be available to help you)

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