Project CARE: An Erasmus+ EVS Project

European Voluntary Service - EVS

Ambios are accredited by the British Council to send to and receive volunteers from Europe through Erasmus+ EVS scheme. This means that we can support your volunteer experience if you live outside UK by hosting you at Lower Sharpham Farm or if you are from UK we can help you volunteer in EU with one of our partners. For 2017 we are only applying to receive volunteers from Europe.

Project CARE - Conservation and Rural Employability

For 2017 Ambios have applied to receive volunteers form Portugal and France through a project called CARE – Conservation and Rural Employability.

CARE will widen participation in youth volunteering through regular support, accreditation and active citizenship activities + an inclusive,  innovative, active volunteer placement with Ambios, & increase volunteer employability and career prospects following participation. Volunteers will be recruited having identified themselves as suffering rural isolation, and following thorough induction in their host country including linguistic personal development assessment they will spend 6 months with Ambios at Lower Sharpham Farm.  As we know, the nature conservation sector requires the next generation of volunteers and learners to develop necessary skills to fill the skills gap, and this project will go some way to tackle this.

Project Care - Placement Content

Volunteers will explore rural issues, develop innovative approaches to widening youth and disabled youth participation in nature conservation, and develop employability skills in nature conservation, all the while actively improving habitat for wildlife. Volunteers will develop community cohesion and awareness of EU environmental issues amongst a local community through providing activity days for local groups/individuals/communities, specifically targetting disabled young people. They will furthermore use the narritave of wildlife, species distribution, ecology and behaviousr as a way of approaching intercultural dialogue and identifying the common values of freedom (birds migration) tolerance (niche habitats and evolution) and respect of rights (habitat destruction from intensified agriculture/human need for development/economy) within the EU.

Information and Application

Through our EU partners we have been successful in running this project

In order to register your interest please contact Kevin at our french partners Maison de l’Europe who are coordinating the placements. you can email him here.