LONG PROGRAMME: 14 week Birds or Mammal related mobilities

Choose from one of our 4 bird/mammal mobilities in Europe.  8 places are available.

Norweigan Institute for Nature Research  (TRONDHEIM, NORWAY)

  • Arctic fox cub surveys in the field
  • Laboratory analysis of specimens
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Download the description of the mobility here

Mammal Research Institute  (BIALOWIEZA, POLAND)

  • Bison, deer or wild boar surveys and tracking
  • Field sign sample collecting, data analysis and mapping
  • Download the description of the mobility here


  • Barn Owl, raptor, common bird and insect surveys
  • Freshwater sampling
  • English speaking public and school engagement
  • Download the description of the mobility here


  • Bird surveys
  • Practical management tasks
  • English speaking public engagement
  • Download the description of the mobility here



When will these 14 week (LONG) placements take place?

All the mobilities for the 14 week (LONG) placements take place at the same time.

  • Travel out: Wednesday 12th June 2019
  • Mobility: Thursday 14th June to Friday 20th September 2019
  • Travel back: Saturday 21st September 2019
  • 100 days on mobility!

How much will it cost?

All mobility elements are funded by ERASMUS+.

TOTAL VALUE: £9,180 (£7320 funded by ERASMUS+ and Ambios Ltd)

YOU PAY: £1,950

These costs DO include:

  • All learning and tutor support and recognition of acquired skills
  • All accommodation and food in the UK and during the mobility of your choice
  • All flights and onward travel to and from UK to EU host
  • Personal travel insurance for EU mobility
  • Pastoral support

These costs DO NOT include:

  • Travel to/from UK residential or to/from point of departure in UK for your EU mobility.
  • Personal spending money whilst in UK or EU

How to apply

The long programme placements are all full until 2020 applications open again in October 2019. For any more information please email info@ambios.net.

We have provided a Word document of the application form here for information only.



Once Ambios has confirmed your place on the WSIS course, you can make payment using the link below.

2019 Payment