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These web pages are intended for use by persons interested in becoming involved in the development of the WRIScS project. If you are not known to us, please complete a registration form now. All parties with a valid stakeholder interest in the theme of the project are very welcome in this informal exchange of ideas.
  WRIScS has been active in Central America since 1997 with a Belize-based programme ( Based on the experience of this programme, the management team are now investigating possibilities for developing a regional-scale project. This move will open the opportunities proven by the Belize programme to fellow  scientists in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.  

An application for funding has now been made to the European Union 'Environment in Developing Countries' budget line; other funding initiatives may follow. 

Before making applications for funding, the WRIScS team has invited stakeholders to become involved in the design of the project. This is to ensure that any support for coastal environmental management in the region is in step with local situations and ambitions. The expertise that WRIScS can bring to bear on problems is specific AND capable of being focused; it is critical that this resource dovetails with the needs of current regional activity. 

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This web-site is a key element in the consultation process. Although there is much direct e-mailing of information and opinions between participants, this site provides a parallel resource where:
  • ideas and plans will be posted as they develop, in a structured process
  • all participants can publicly air their views via an on-line feedback document that can be continuously added to 
  • relevant information can be supplied and accessed via the library.

It is hoped that a good dialogue will ensue, and that even if the new WRIScS programme does not come to full fruition, the discussions that have taken place will have been of value!

Please note that we will fully respect the privacy of all material that is sent to us IF SUCH ANONYMITY is requested within the correspondence. Otherwise all views expressed etc may be reproduced in a positive manner in support of the project objectives.

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